Franchise Dealer Websites

Are you a franchised car dealer looking for a comprehensive and compliant website solution? Our bespoke website design services are tailored to meet your needs, offering advanced functionality to create brochure pages for new car models, support new car offers, and Motability offers, all while adhering to manufacturer guidelines.

Discover the ultimate digital solution for franchised dealers

Our specialized website solutions empower franchised car dealers to showcase their inventory, highlight offers, and stay compliant, all while providing an exceptional user experience.

Attract more customers, enhance engagement, and boost your sales with a website that's built to perform.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Stand out in search engine results with our SEO-optimised websites. Increase your visibility, attract more traffic, and turn visitors into loyal customers with a site that's designed to rank high and draw in potential buyers.

Stunning Brochure Pages

Showcase new car models with beautiful, detailed brochure pages. Our user-friendly design allows you to highlight key features, specifications, and stunning visuals, providing potential buyers with all the information they need in an engaging format.

New Car Offers

Promote your latest deals with ease. Our platform supports the creation and management of new car offers, ensuring your promotions are always up-to-date and prominently displayed. Attract more customers with compelling deals and incentives.

Motability Offers

Cater to the needs of your diverse customer base by showcasing Motability offers. Our specialized pages make it simple for eligible customers to explore their options and understand the benefits, enhancing their buying experience.

Compliance with Manufacturer Guidelines

Stay compliant with all manufacturer requirements effortlessly. Our websites are designed to align with brand standards, ensuring your online presence reflects the quality and professionalism of the brands you represent.

Responsive Design

Our websites are built to look stunning and function flawlessly on all devices – from desktops to smartphones. Ensure your customers have a seamless browsing experience, no matter how they access your site.

Part Exchange / We Buy Your Vehicle

Simplify the trade-in process with our accurate and transparent part exchange valuation tool. Customers can easily get an estimate for their current vehicle's value, encouraging them to upgrade to a newer model. This feature not only builds trust but also drives more traffic to your dealership.

Content Management System (CMS)

Take control of your content with ease. Our intuitive CMS allows you to update your inventory, add new promotions, and manage your blog effortlessly. No technical skills required – just simple, straightforward management.

Used Vehicle Finance Calculator

Help your customers make informed decisions with our integrated finance calculator. Provide instant, accurate financing options that build trust and encourage quicker sales decisions.

WhatsApp Integration

Engage with your customers directly through WhatsApp. Answer queries, schedule test drives, and provide personalised support in real-time. Enhance your customer service and build stronger relationships through instant communication.

Online Vehicle Reservations

Let your customers secure their van with just a few clicks. Our seamless online reservation system allows potential buyers to reserve vehicles instantly, reducing the time it takes to move from browsing to buying. Provide a hassle-free experience that keeps your customers coming back.