Automotive Social Media

Are you a used car dealership looking to streamline your social media marketing? Meet your new best friend - the ultimate scheduling tool for Facebook posts

Effortless Automation

Save time and boost efficiency by automating your Facebook posts. Schedule days, weeks, or even months in advance and ensure your inventory is always in the spotlight without lifting a finger.

Engaging Content Made Easy

Create eye-catching posts with our user-friendly interface. Add photos, videos, and detailed descriptions effortlessly, making each car shine and catching the eye of prospective buyers.

Consistency Is Key

Stay consistent with your postings and keep your audience engaged. Regular updates on your inventory build trust and keep your dealership top of mind for potential customers.

Seamless Integration

Our tool allows you to post your vehicles, reviews, blog posts and new vehicle offers from directly within Composer to your social media accounts

Boost your online presence, engage more buyers, and drive your sales to new heights.

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