Remote Vehicle Appraisals


No App Download

Customers simply use Appraisals within in their browser


Capture Assist

Assisted image capture with vehicle overlays provided for many vehicle types


Bespoke Branding

The page is fully branded to the retailer including colours and logo



Ability to obtain answers to specific questions by presenting the customer with a bespoke series of questions during the process.

An electronic appraisal tool that empowers your customers to appraise their own vehicle.

With no account creation or app download required by your customers, you simply review the customer submitted video footage and photos - saving you time and money. You can then provide fast, accurate, no hassle, first time valuations

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Perfect Pictures, Every Time.

No more guesswork! Appraisals walks the customer through taking pictures of your car from various essential angles.

Our intuitive guide ensures you don't miss a single detail, providing clear instructions at every step. Guide customers with our innovative camera overlay feature. Ensuring every picture is perfectly framed and composed.