According to analysis by Honchō franchised dealers could benefit from an unexpected boost in enquiries in the run-up to the March plate-change thanks to Google changing the way it delivers results for new car searches.

“Traditionally, when buyers searched for new cars on Google, car manufacturers, online marketplaces and review sites appeared above dealerships but that’s no longer the case,” said Jack Minot, SEO Manager at Honchō.

“Dealers should be planning their 20-plate content now. Rolling out new pages in late February might not provide the expected results for March as changes are not always instantly recognised by Google.”

Honchō has found that on average dealerships are now ranked two positions higher in Google than last year.

To reap the benefits we advise dealers to ensure their websites are fully optimised by highlighting new car promotions

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Does your current website provider allow you to clearly highlight new car promotions?